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The House of Songs mission is to use music as the global handshake. We bring together musicians from all over the world to collaborate, create and to learn from one another. We believe that international collaboration is the driving force for the future. With an ever more connected world through technology there are still boundaries that keep us from collaborating. We use music as the handshake to open the creative door and start conversations. Currently, The House of Songs is physically located in Austin, TX but operates within countries all over the world.


In 2009, Founder and President Troy Campbell put together a 1-year plan for a project that involved international collaboration between artists in Denmark with artists in Austin. Relationships were established and collaboration started to happen in areas even outside of music. That’s when it was discovered that The House of Songs could bring the world together using music as the handshake. The project became so successful that the company has now grown into 8-years of success and partnerships with 13 countries all over the world. From charting songs, having been written in The House of Songs, to A-head articles in The Wall Street Journal, The House of Songs has established thousands of relationships and conversations that without using music as the handshake would have never happened.


The House of Songs idea came about when award winning singer-songwriter, Troy Campbell, was invited to collaborate and write with Danish star singer-songwriter, Poul Krebs. The collaborative writing session led to a friendship and an invitation for Troy Campbell to join Poul Krebs on a wind-powered island in Denmark for a songwriter retreat. Campbell soon realized the value of bringing together different cultures and saw that music was the start of the conversation between them. He then sought out a plan to recreate the same concept, but over a longer period of time and with countries all over the world.


Today, The House of Songs headquarters out of Austin, TX and has established relationships between artists, cities, countries and cultures all over the world. The House of Songs believes that international collaboration is driving the future of digital media and that music is the handshake that opens the doors for collaboration.



Troy Campbell

Founder & President
Michele Martell

Michele Martell

Chief Operations Officer
Dillon Shindler

Dillon Shindler

Executive VP