Independent Singer/Songwriter | www.annemariezimakoff.dk

“I had a wonderful experience in The House of Songs. It is a friendly place indeed. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t applied to go again. I miss Austin!”

Zimakoff grew up in a very religious home with piano and as a ten year old she was sent to piano classes, but she soon switched to the guitar. In 2008 Zimakoff released “Ivory” which led to tours in Denmark, Germany and The United States. “Ivory” got a great reception by the critics: “She sings excellent”, Martin Hansen wrote from Rootszone. The melodies move somewhere between pop/ folk and americana/ country. They are unpredictable, edgy, often melancholic and have their way of wrapping themselves around your heart along with Zimakoff expressive voice.


She has been traveling in Ireland, Germany, The US and the Faroe Islands and every corner of Denmark with her intense solo shows. In 2010 she released “The Girl Without Music” which received airplay in Danish radio and later in 2011 she released an alternative album with her compositions for 9 Danish poems written by the acknowledged writer Emil Aarestrup in the 1830’s. Both albums harvested great reviews.