“Co-writing with Troy Campbell, Lincoln Durham, Owen Temple, Jon Jon Davies, Charlie Pierce and Christy Hays at the House of Songs, did not just result in several new songs, it helped me develop as a songwriter and provided me with a lot of inspiration. My stay at the House of Songs was very well organized. Me and my manager could not have received any better support than what we did. In all, I left with 13 new songs, a music video and a lot of new friends and contacts. Just a couple of months after my return to Sweden, Charlie Pierce and Christy Hays joined me on tour in Scandinavia. In the summer 2013, I did a tour in Japan – another consequence of my stay at the House of Songs.”

Bobby’s debut album, ”It’s Just a Lonely Feeling”, was released in 2012. It’s essentially an acoustic track list with both a sensitive awareness and a punk attitude. Except for small guest contributions of piano, harmonica and electric guitars, Bobby’s songs are played out with his fingerpicked guitar and his sharp, chanting vocals; rooted somewhere between dark blues and dreamy folk music.


Katie Belle Van Zandt, photographer, artist and daughter of Townes Van Zandt took the photos for the cover, which, like Sants’ music, pictures a shattered landscape.


Following frequent touring in Scandinavia, Bobby’s second album “My Dead Town” was released in the spring 2013. Given to the thematics of the album, the location for the recordings could not have been more suiting; in the church of Bobby’s rural home town. All tracks were recorded live without any overdubs and a majority of the songs were cut on the first take. The video for the title track, ”My Dead Town”, was shot at the House of Songs.


After touring Japan in the summer 2013, Bobby participated in the opening of the House of Songs in Sweden. Currently, he is focusing on the release of his third album.