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“It’s pretty simple to describe my best experiences at THOS, I learned to co-write here and now I’m depending on it. I’ve always been very private in my songwriting but THOS changed that. And off course I’ve got some great friends whom I always look forward to meeting again.”

Heidi Mattsson released an EP as frontsinger in the Danish band Songs for Iris in January 2011 and released her long-awaited solo album ”Mama’s Sadness” in February 2013. The title of the album has also been the name of the project which was signified by a steady handful of musicians who are now recording artists on the album.


The ten song album contributes to the melancholic and dusty atmosphere Heidi Mattsson is surrounded by. They tell stories about the everlasting struggles between men and women. Her style can be placed somewhere in between scandinavian folk, alternative country and americana, with a lyrical universe which celebrates the traditional ”sad story” of country music and references to cowboy mythology. You can also trace an irish inspiration which stems from touring and travelling in Ireland the last five years. Heidi has mostly played on upcoming scenes in Dublin and in small pubs on the countryside but is also on an Irish poetry album by Brendan Hickey with the song ”Kathleen”.


In 2011 Heidi went on a promotional tour to USA. Aside from playing concerts in Austin and New York, she made the music video ”Sinnerman” with Mifune Film (Danish movie company) and wrote new songs with Texan songwriters through “The House of Songs” including Dave Madden, Chris Hawkes and Jesse Podunk.