Independent Singer/Songwriter | marshallmoonmusic.wixsite.com

”I love working with THOS. It’s such an experience to work with people raised on the other side of the globe. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved, and it’s amazing when you realize firsthand how much of an international language music is.”

A Texas native, Marshall Moon has been a music fan all his life. He grew up in a cove on Lake Travis, and spent most of his life listening to all kinds of music. Influenced by the songwriting of The Beatles; SRV’s guitar; Dr. Dre’s beats; Sigur Ros’s “epicness”, he began writing songs of his own in high school.


He’s been in several projects since, acting as a front man, lead guitarist, or musical director. In his down time, he loves collaborating with other artists.


Marshall is currently working on recording his first full length album as well as touring the country with Tucker Jameson.