Singer/Songwriter | http://www.nanowhitman.com/

”The House of Songs really opened my eyes to the amount I can learn about how I write through co-writing. Working with international writers really makes music feel like a language of its own and has opened my eyes to possibilities previously unimagined.”

When Nano was 12 years old, he sang in the Philadelphia Boys’ choir every Saturday, and remembers knowing that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. When he started to write too, that really sealed the deal for him.  Whitman always wonders what people do who don’t write or have a creative outlet–“what do you do with all that…stuff?” He writes it down and then sings it out. In fact, he generally writes by singing. The two are everything to me.


Whitman went to Harvard and majored in music composition. For his thesis, he wrote a rock opera called “Shine Like You”. Harvard didn’t quite know what to do with him and he didn’t quite know what to do with Harvard. After college, he struggled through some lost loves, some family turmoil, and the death of his best friend. Nano says he “forgot how to write songs.” His head was full of “facts and rules.” He knew he needed a different landscape, so in 2004, he moved to Austin. 


In Austin, people don’t ask, “what do you do?” but “what do you like to do?” he will always call Philly home, but Austin is where he chooses to live. “I am proud to have been a part of growing this music town into the ‘creative city’ it is today. I play with the best musicians Austin has to offer. We play our town, we tour, we sit around the fire and pass whiskey and guitars.”


Whitman is about to release his second full-length record, Heart Songs, Wilde Music. It was recorded in Austin with producer/engineer, Lars Goransson (Alpha Rev, Fastball, The Cardigans, Steve Poltz) and mastered by Fred Kevorkian (Iggy Pop, Willie Nelson, The White Stripes.)