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“The House of Songs has for me been one of the greatest and most stimulating experiences I’ve had as a songwriter. Troy Campbell, Michael Blair and V Marc Fort created, with their humble presence and warmth, an ambience that inspired us songwriters to perform at our very best.


When we after each writing session shared our songs with the rest of the group, the room vibrated with emotion. People where crying and laughing and interesting meetings between musicians from diverse genres resulted in great songs .


I feel very privileged and I will carry with me my experience from The House of Songs for the rest of my songwriting life. But the greatest thing is that I have eleven new friends from Sweden, Canada and the U.S. and I know that our friendship will lead to new and exciting collaborations and experiences.”

Being part of The House of Song has among other things led to the creation of SweFolk


Since his debut with “Saving Grandma” in 2002, Tom Levin has continued to build a fanbase on both sides of the Atlantic. His music has reached # 1 on one of the biggest indie charts in the U.S., and he’s won the New Music Award for “Male Artist of the Year”.


In 2014, Tom Levin has released his fifth and his sixth album “Them Feet” and “Them Buffalo” and they both feature songs that were written at The House of Songs visit to Sweden.


“Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo is the finest album I have heard in 2014.”
Wildy’s World


”Them Buffalo, his latest 10-track work of art. I use the phrase work of art here rather than record or album because it truly is one.” 
Good Vibes Music Reviews.


“Tom Levin is a breath of fresh air, a thinking man’s songwriter with a distinct and powerful voice to match his songs. If you haven’t heard Tom Levin you owe it to your ears to get a hold of Them Feet.”
Cashbox Magazine, Canada