Tom Levin is playing at Canadian Music WeekTroy Campbell (Founder)

Troy Campbell founded The House of Songs as a project in 2009--an artist residency program for Danish singer-songwriters that fosters collaboration between musicians through songwriting sessions and showcases.

The program now on it’s sixth year of operation and  includes over eight countries.  THOS is constantly expanding its network through international projects around the world and is working on having two more houses available for artists by 2015.

As a critically acclaimed musician for 25 years Campbell's career has seen international gold record co-writes, a New York Times top ten critics list and he has eight full length CDs.  Bruce Springsteen has called Campbell "A Rare voice .. With a high lonesome sound" Campbell's latest solo album, Long in the Sun, yielded a song "Lovers" that was featured as a Top 10 track in USA Today.

As co-owner and producer for his animation and film projects have been awarded a Telly Award, an Emmy and several Pollie awards.  He also produces the annual Roky Erickson Ice Cream Social concerts during the South by Southwest Music Festival since 2008, and currently works as a music consultant for Warner Brothers Music.   

Tom Levin is playing at Canadian Music Week

Val Denn

Val Denn Agency opened in 1995 when Val began booking legendary Texas songwriter, Ray Wylie Hubbard.

Before opening Val Denn Agency Val and her husband James were touring musicians, with 4 albums to their credit. In 1980 Val attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied jazz guitar. While there she met her future husband James. They married in 1982. Val Denn Agency has grown to 16 artists with a concentration on working with singer-songwriters and also working with artists from Canada.

Val Denn Agency's offices are located in Austin, TX. and her Canadian office is in picturesque Upper Blandford, Nova Scotia outside of Halifax. She books mostly in the genre of roots music, singer- songwriters, and World Music.

She was President of Folk Alliance Intentional and was also active on the Board of Directors for 4 years. She has worked with Folk Music Canada on their Export Development Program in 2013. She began working with THOS in 2012 and worked with Nova Scotia to become the first Canadian Province at The House of Songs. Val is the Canadian Ambassador and liaison for the Canadian Provinces, helping to build and bridge THOS across the borders. When not booking shows, working on THOS, or teaching workshops/coaching clients- she is an organic farmer in NS.

Tom Levin is playing at Canadian Music WeekMichael Blair

Born in San Diego, California to a Navy family, Michael moved 13 times by the time he was thirteen years old. Useful training for a life on the road as a wandering minstrel. He is happy to meet anyone, and can sleep anywhere (although Four Star hotels are acceptable). 

Michael attended two bastions of innovative higher education (Johnston College in Redlands, California, and the respected percussion performance program at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, under the direction of Tom Siwe).

He has collaborated, performed and toured with artists Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Ryan Adams and Elvis Costello, to name only a few.  Michael was dubbed the official House of Songs ambassador for Sweden in 2013.

15 years intensely spent based in New York City. Still traveling, teaching, touring. Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, with wife Lena and daughter Olivia.

Touring/recording (percussion/drums) - with Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Stein Torleif Bjella (Norway), Hugh Laurie (UK/US), Elvis Costello (UK/US), Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, Erika Stucky (Switzerland), The Replacements, Ryan Adams, Thea Gilmore (UK), Gavin Friday (Ireland), Anne Sofie von Otter (Sweden)…  

Live performances with Jeff Buckley, Ed Harcourt (UK), Soul Asylum (as music director/arranger, MTV Unplugged), The Pogues (UK), REM, Damon Albarn (UK), Frida Örhn (Sweden), also Polar Music Prize (Sweden), Avignon Festival (France)…   

Collaborations with poet Allen Ginsberg (as composer), theatre director Robert Wilson (as band leader), filmmaker/photographer Robert Frank (musician), Steppenwolf Theatre Company (US)…

Co-writes (gold and platinum) with Sunrise Avenue (Finland), The Rasmus (Finland), 

Tom Levin is playing at Canadian Music Week

Bruce Sheehan

Bruce’s career in music began in 1981 when he opened “Treasured Tracs,” a record store located in Austin Texas that specialized in collectable, imports and eclectic used records. Out of the record store Bruce created Jungle Records in 1983. The label worked with some of Austin greatest bands, focusing on roots rock music and the “New Sincerity” movement of the period, was nominated for a Grammy in 1986. The label is still active today. 

His involvement in the Austin music scene expanded when he participated in the formative years at SXSW as a co-director and continued on its staff for eleven years.

 Bruce is joining the House of Songs staff to expand the presence of the House in Nairobi Kenya and will also be assisting in marketing duties.

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